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Getting a little dissimilar in kitchen cabinet color designs is no longer being deemed an incomplete reno job, but instead completely elegant in suitable with today’s fads. These “tuxedo cooking areas,” as they’re so nicknamed, are where the upper cupboards may be in one shade– like in all white– then the lower cabinets remain in a contrasting shade, like a grey or dark walnut. It’s basically a way to shade block your cabinets.

The idea of opting for 2 different tones on your kitchen cabinets could make some home owners’ a little anxious, however it’s absolutely nothing to be afraid nowadays and could actually make your kitchen look even more open.

Normally, with coat cupboards, the lighter shade is on top and a darker color is on the base. The varying shades could also break up the dullness of all one color cupboards, specifically in all-white kitchens.

Some real estate research studies state that white cabinets contrasted by a dark navy blue or black cooking area island are among one of the most typical coat kitchen pairings in some property listings as well.